CLUB 167


Welcome to Wagner's CLUB 167 Group Page.  

CLUB 167 is Wagner's after school program for academic enrichment and support, as well as non-competitive sports.  We run two sessions.  Session #1 runs from October 10, 2017 to February 14, 2018.  Session #2 runs from February 26, 2018  to June 14, 2018. Most clubs start at 2:45, shortly after dismissal, and most clubs end at 4:30 PM.

Wagner Middle School's after school program is overseen and financed by the Parents' Association.  It is facilitated by Wagner staff and by our Community Partners.  Families who need financial support need to submit a completed Financial Aid Application.  No student will ever be denied access to after school due to financial reasons, but all payments help the PA to continue providing these valuable programs.

Students are NOT permitted to leave Wagner and return for CLUB 167.  Please send your child with a suitable snack to eat at the start of after school.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  It went live very early on Monday, 2/5 and was shut down very late on Friday, 2/9.

For students who used online registration and Re-Enrollment, we expect to distribute Student Acceptance Letters by Thursday, 2/15 to homeroom teachers.  These letters indicate class schedules and room numbers for Session #2.  If your child does not come home with their Acceptance Letter AND you do NOT know your child's schedule, email Ms Zalewitz. 

For students who did NOT participate in CLUB 167 in Session #1:

At this time, the only way to register a child for CLUB 167 is with a paper application.  Paper applications may be found as hard copies on the counter in the main office or by downloading the required PDFs from this page (See Below).

For students who DID participate in CLUB 167 in Session #1, but either want to switch clubs or missed re-enrollment and/or online registration:

Your child is already in the master spreadsheet of all CLUB 167 students.  You do NOT need to register again.  Email Ms. Zalewitz to make your request.  You will get an emailed confirmation from Ms Zalewitz when and if the change will take place.

If you have any further questions, email Ms. Zalewitz at



CLUB 167 is proud to announce the addition of 5 new clubs in 2018's Session #2.  See our brochure for a description of each club.

  •  Art Illustration Club  meets Mondays
  • Soccer Club meets Tuesdays
  • Robotics Club meets Wednesdays
  • Coding Club meets Thursdays
  • Piano meets Fridays


Acceptance Letters will be distributed by Thursday, 2/15.

If you have not closed out your account for Session #1, your child's Session #2 registration cannot be completed.  Please either submit a completed Session #1 Financial Aid form  -  WagnerAfterschoolFinancialAideApp 2017-2018.pdf  -  AND/OR submit payment for your child's Session #1 clubs.


  • In Session #2, CLUB 167 students will now meet in the cafeteria after PM dismissal from homeroom. They will have about 15-20 minutes to eat their snacks before they are picked up by their club teachers & escorted to their assigned rooms.  Remember, students may NOT leave Wagner & return later for CLUB 167 clubs. 


  • Students in HW Help & Strategies clubs may get permission to leave the group once they can demonstrate that they completed all their homework by completing an Early Release from HW Help & Strategies form. This form will be distributed to all students in those clubs only.

Online Registration Portal

 CLUB 167's Online  Registration Portal  now CLOSED!!

If you missed online registration, you will still be able to submit a paper application (see below) if your child did not participate in Session #1. 

Paper applications may be downloaded from this website or obtained from the counter in the main office while supplies last. 

Paper application must be submitted to the locked white box outside room 124. 


PAPER APPLICATION: Brochure for CLUB 167 Session #2 - February 26, 2018 - June 14, 2018

All families registering for CLUB 167 must read our Welcome Letter:  CLUB 167 WelcomeLetter 2018 Session2.pdf     

Click here to read a description of each Session #2 club being offered as well as some requirements & recommendations for certain classes:       CLUB 167 Course Description Session 2 - Corrected.pdf 

Click here to see the whole week of CLUB 167's Session #2 club choices in a weekly calendar format.  You will be able to see when clubs end, their requirements, names & rooms of the relevant teachers, and more:        CLUB 167WeeklySchedule Session 2 UPDATED 2 12 18.pdf 

Click here for a paper application for Session #2:    CLUB 167 2018 Session 2 Application.pdf - Students must EITHER be registered via the online registration portal OR with this application form.  THIS IS A REQUIRED FORM FOR STUDENTS WHO DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN SESSION #1.

Click here for a Financial Aid Application for Session #2:       CLUB 167 2018 FinancialAideApp Session 2.pdf  THIS IS A REQUIRED FORM IF YOU ARE REQUESTING FINANCIAL AID IN SESSION #2

Click here to read about CLUB 167's dismissal policy and the days in Session #2 when there will be no after school:   CLUB 167 Cancelled days 2018 Session2 REVISED.pdf 

Click here for a CONSENT FORM/CLUB CANCELLATION FORM which is good for the 2017-2018 school year.  This form has 2 sides.  BOTH SIDES MUST BE COMPLETED:  2017-2018 Consent Form Club Cancellation Form.pdf - THIS IS A REQUIRED FORM FOR ALL STUDENTS.