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  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspots at NYC Libraries

    NYC public school students and their families can borrow Wi-Fi hotspots for one year from public library branches across the City. The program is open to people:

    1. with at least one child in NYC public school  2. with no household internet access at the time of sign-up 3. who are at least 18 and have a valid NYPL library card with no outstanding fines

    Sign up here.


    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • Tech Tip

    “It's proper Netiquette to protect data with passwords. "
    ― David Chiles

    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • eChalk Updates

     You can now subscribe to private and public calendars in eChalk.  Private calendars:     Public calendars:


    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • Remind@MS167

    School communication made easy! Sign up for Remind@MS167. You will receive text messages for only those important events we don't want you to forget. 


    Learn how:

    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • Let's Celebrate

    October 16 - 22 is Digital Citizenship Week. 

    Are you a super digital citizen? Do you know how to use your devices safely, responsibly, and respectfully?


    Ms. Alfalla's Computer Class
  • eChalk Parent Access

    Click Here for video on how to access echalk.  :

    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • Watch eChalk Parent Access (Video)

    Click Here :

    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School
  • Student Tech Accounts

    Hello! Your Wagner eChalk and Google Accounts are ready.  If you are a student in my 8th grade computer class, you can now log in. 

    Ms. Alfalla's Computer Class
  • HW #1 Reminder

    Please make sure you have the following:  a two-pocket folder(in color assigned for your class), family letter signed, computer contract signed and left in the classroom. 

    Ms. Alfalla's Computer Class
  • Wagner website and Google Accounts.

    FYI Students went home with log in information for Google and the Wagner Website. :-)

    MS 167, Robert F. Wagner Middle School

CLUB 167


Welcome to Wagner's CLUB 167 Group Page.  

CLUB 167 is Wagner's after school program for academic enrichment and support, as well as non-competitive sports.  We run two sessions.  Session #1 runs from October 13, 2016 to January 12, 2017.  Session #2 runs from January 17, 2017 to May 25, 2017.  Most clubs start at 3:15, immediately after dismissal, and most clubs end at 4:30 PM.

The last day of Session #1 is Thursday, 1/12.  

Session #2 starts on Tuesday, 1/17.  

 ALL students MUST submit a completed application to attend CLUB 167.  Since online registration ended, the only way to register your child for CLUB 167 is by using a paper application.  The link for each PDF in the brochure can be found below.  Hard copies of the brochure are on the counter in the main office.

By Thursday, 1/12 - Homeroom teachers will receive Acceptance Letters that should be distributed by Friday, 1/13

If you have any further questions, email Ms. Zalewitz at


CLUB 167 Session #2 Brochure

All families registering for CLUB 167 must read our Welcome Letter:     CLUB 167 Welcome Letter Session 2 2017.pdf 

Click here to read a description of each Session #2 club being offered as well as some requirements & recommendations for certain classes:   CLUB 167 Course Descriptions Session 2.pdf 

Click here to see the whole week of CLUB 167's Session #2 club choices in a weekly calendar format.  You will be able to see when clubs end, their requirements, names & rooms of the relevant teachers, and more:   CLUB 167 Weekly Schedule Session 2.pdf 

Most clubs that required an audition in Session #1 are no longer accepting new members.  Chorus and Yearbook are the only clubs that ARE accepting new members in Session #2.

Students wishing to join Chorus must still audition w Mr. Matolak and submit proof of acceptance into the club.  Proof of acceptance could be in the form of an email from Mr. Matolak or a paper application signed by Mr. Matolak.

Yearbook is ONLY for 8th graders.

Click here for a paper application for Session #2:   CLUB 167 Club Application Session 2.pdf 

Click here for a Financial Aid Application for Session #2:   CLUB 167 Financial Aid Application Session 2.pdf 

Click here to read about CLUB 167's dismissal policy and the days in Session #2 when there will be no after school:     Dismissal and Non-Attendance Days Session 2.pdf 

Click here to print a Spin Class Consent Form/Waiver.  Students enrolled in Spin may NOT participate without this completed/signed form on file:      Spin Consent 2016-2017.pdf